M.L.T.J nuova rivista ufficiale della società!



A major goal of a learned society is to promote and encourage the publication of studies that allow disseminating the knowledge and experience of experts in the speci c eld. The Società Italiana di Artroscopia – S.I.A. (Italian Society of Arthroscopy) has always sought to collaborate with quali ed journals for the publication of scienti c papers. The knowledge update and the technical developments resulting from the participation in courses and congresses are important, but only the opportunity to write and publish scienti c articles allows specialists to complete and enrich their professional background. Reading a scientific article entices and interests us all, but the scientific and cultural maturity that an author obtains from formulating a hypothesis, collecting and analysing data, reviewing the literature, preparing, documenting, writing and polishing an article is unmatched in the path of continuing professional development required by our profession.
For this purpose, learned societies such as the S.I.A. which want to transmit and publicise innovative and newly conceived surgical procedures, through its experts, need to consolidate the results achieved with these methods. Clarity of exposition, integrity of data and logics of writing are crucial to validate the hypotheses of their studies, just as references are needed to underscore, con rm and identify any differences. Therefore, providing the Orthopaedic, Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology world with an international indexed journal with a good impact factor is certainly an added value. Muscles Ligaments and Tendons Journal (MLTJ), wanted, conceived and edited by Professor N. Maffulli, is a unique opportunity for the S.I.A. to publish its scienti c contributions.
Young people looking for af rmation and greater professional growth through their work should take advantage of this collaboration between our Society and MLTJ to make a name for themselves in this dif cult competitive scienti c world.

Piero Volpi

President of the Italian Society of Arthroscopy (S.I.A.)


MLTJWith this number, yet another venture takes shape. When Muscles Ligaments and Tendons Journal (MLTJ) started, it was just a bet: it was to be the scienti c organ of the Italian Society of Muscles Ligaments and Tendons (ISMuLT). It was a small journal, and was to rely on the contribution of the superspecialists in this eld. The tireless work of those around me, and the utmost quest for scienti c quality, has produced a scienti c journal that was able to be listed in PubMed within 18 months of its rst issue, and to become really international: a glimpse at this issue will show that more than 50% of the published articles come from foreign institution. With this issue, the adventure continues, and raises to yet another new exciting higher level. The association with the SIA (Italian Society of Arthroscopy) brought to fruition the work and the vision of Dr. Piero Volpi, the President of SIA. Dr Volpi is a man of vision and intellect, and it is therefore with open arms that MLTJ welcomes the SIA.

To more, together.

Nicola Maffulli

President of Italian Society of Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons (I.S.Mu.L.T.)

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